Replica Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Hyper Royal” Shoes

The previous hit “The Last Dance” made many people sigh. After many years, when the dusty old story is told again, distant memories are awakened. Even those born in the 90s and 00s who have not experienced Jordan’s dominance of the basketball era have a more comprehensive experience of the “God of Basketball”. “What a legend it is.

However, his boots are more sought after than those of the take-off man. Now they have become synonymous with trends. These basketball shoes have experienced the Cold War of the last century, through the age of television and radio, but with the rise of the Internet, they have become more and more popular. Flaming…

Replica Air Jordan 1 Shoes

Even the world’s top designers cannot define the direction of the trend, but why did Jordan and AJ do it? In 1908, Bostonian Marquis M. Converse, like many brands, named the rubber shoe factory he founded after his own name. Converse’s wear-resistant characteristics were widely accepted because of the needs of wartime, but he also hoped that this would be accepted. Market recognition.

In 1917, the main sports All-Star came out, Converse took advantage of the opportunity to sign the basketball player Charles Taylor to start publicity-in addition to professional player endorsements, he also hoped that players will become their own salesmen. In 1923, Converse officially printed Taylor’s nickname “Chuck” on the logo. Since then, the two names have been linked together forever, and Converse’s Replica Air Jordan 1 Shoes market has skyrocketed.

Replica Air Jordan 1 Shoes

In 1936, the US men’s basketball team began to wear Converse to participate in the Olympics, and became the first choice during World War II. After that, Converse was selected as the designated sports shoe for the Los Angeles Olympics in 1948. Therefore, as the earliest Replica Air Jordan 1 Shoes brand, Converse naturally leads the trend.

Replica Air Jordan 1 Shoes

In the 1960s, Converse injected color into basketball shoes Trendy wear-resistant Replica Air Jordan Shoes for the first time, and the canvas era ushered in change. At that time, there was no mention of technological change in Replica Air Jordan 1 Shoess, and there was no clear distinction between sports shoes and basketball shoes. But when the Germans brought the Superstar series of actual combat basketball shoes, they quietly became popular in the continental United States.

Replica Air Jordan 1 Shoes

Converse, seeing the competition, will naturally catch up. In 1974, basketball shoes based on All Star finally came out. The high-top design, colorful suede, and the eye-catching five-pointed star logo instantly captured the hearts of young rockers, skateboarders and basketball boys, and became the hearts of the younger generation. The totem of spiritual expression also allows Replica Air Jordan Shoes to occupy a place in the trend world.

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